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Alexis Truitt
October 20, 2016 | Alexis Truitt

2016 Harvest Update/Fall in the Vineyard

Every quarter we ask Jacques to write up an update on the state of the vineyard and the winery. Our fall update is always a treat because Jacques shares his reflection on harvest and crush and his hopes for the vintage! Read on for the insider scoop on the 2016 harvest at Torii Mor from the winemaker's perspective.

As expected, harvest had a very early start, we started seeing picking bins on trucks at the end of August, mostly for sparkling and the younger vines. At Torii Mor we stretched the start of harvest to September 7 when Hoy vineyard next to Rex Hill, reached 24 + brix with good flavors.

The cooler summer (compared to previous years) and the cool down at the end of August and early September allowed for great flavor development, the sugar came in high. The last Pinot Noir grapes came in on September 23rd with Kolb vineyard in the Dundee Hills. Olson Vineyard was picked on the 20th, and the Olson Chardonnay on the 29th, which was our last fruit for Torii Mor.

We have almost finished pressing the Pinot Noirs, a couple fermenters have slowed down and needed some heat and TLC, and they are on their way to be done in a few days. All the Pinot Noirs have great flavor, a cross between the jammy 2012 vintage and the fresher 2014 vintage.

The harvest crew is still active, starting the last step of harvest, cleaning all the equipment before putting it in storage until next harvest. It’s time to button up the winery for winter.


Jacques Tardy



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